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91% of content never ranks on Google. So let’s get you in the top 9%.

Why Content?

SEO articles. Product reviews. Blog posts. You need content to get traffic from Google.

Save time recruiting and managing a team - we’ll write your content from scratch and all you need to supply is your keyword/topic.

Why Hire Us To Create Content?

Here’s exactly how we’ll help you:

Quick onboarding: You just give us your topic/keywords + any style requirements.

Save time: Delivered on a Google doc so you can quickly easily copy/paste it to your site.

Quality control: Our writers do everything from scratch. We run a plagiarism check on Copyscape + our editors proof read every word.

Save money: Very affordable prices, based on price per word.

Simple & Easy: Order online. Takes 2 minutes.

Optimized to rank #1: We can write your content optimized based on what’s already ranking on SEO & reverse-engineer your competitors success.

Fast delivery: Content is delivered within 7 days + you don’t need to manage/hire anyone, we handle everything from start to finish.

The Strategy.

Save yourself the stress of hiring a team, managing them + quality checking their work. We’ll handle this from start to finish!

We can also support you in creating a high-quality, articles that rank in terms of suggestions on the topic, how to format it, the headers and overall, how to make it better than your competitor’s.

If you produce more content, you’ll have more opportunities to drive traffic to your website.

And that's exactly how we'll help you...

How does this work?

Order content instantly online within minutes & we'll handle it from there:


Just tell us your topic/keyword + any style requirements.


We create the content. 100% unique, by our writers.


Our editors proofread + plagiarism check the content + make sure it’s 80-90+ on Grammarly.


Content is delivered within 7 days of ordering with us.


Prefer to discuss first? Book a free SEO Strategy Session below:

Domain Rating

DR 0 Link: $36/item

DR 1-9 Link: $91/item

DR 10-29 Link: $121.00/item

DR 30-69 Link: $150.00/item

DR 70-89 Link: $181.00/item

DR 90+ Link: $330.00/item

How do we write Content that Ranks #1?

With Surfer SEO, we’ll:

  • Create an article guideline based on reverse engineering what’s already ranking #1 on Google
  • Optimize keywords, headlines, word count etc to create a better version of your competitor’s content
  • Write the content based on Surfer SEO’s content score

Our Unique 4 Step Process For Quality & SEO Optimization:

Here's how we'll ensure your SEO content ranks #1 on Google, gets delivered within 7 days and is high quality:

1: Analyse the Most Relevant Search Intent & Keywords:

We analyze headlines, keywords and the search intent of the content.

This ensures we write content for your specific audience.

2: Reverse Engineer SERPs to create the Perfect Outline:

We analyze your competitors on Google, look at what ranks on the first page and analyze exactly what your competitors did to get there.

From there, we'll prepare an article outline that reverse engineers your competitor's success and breaks down the exact article structure we need to create to rank you #1.

3: Content & Onpage Optimization:

Based on your top ranking competitors, we'll figure out exactly how long your content needs to be.

...And also what keyword density is ranking the highest.

Then create your content based on this and the SERP based outline.

Finally, we'll optimnize your content's score, craft the perfect title and supply a meta tag to use.

4: Quality Checks - Editing & Proofreading:

Our team of editors will check the content, plagiarism check it with Copyscape, run it through Graammalrly and quality check every word.

This ensures your

And once your article is ready in 7 days, we'll even publish your content straight to your website's CMS to save you time!

Helping You Achieve Success.

We want to give you the best customer service experience possible, so you will have the option to get an Account Manager to help you:

Get the most out of the content process

Answer any questions you have

Give you SEO tips and advice

Regular updates on your campaign

SEO review calls

Monthly reporting

It’s not compulsory but we highly recommend you to jump on the quick catch up calls with our Account Managers. This will have a HUGE impact on your results :)

The clients that book in calls usually get better results.

What Our Clients Say


“Julian is a very skilled and knowledgeable operator and it was a pleasure to work with him over the last few months.

Highly recommended.”

François Grante

Co-Founder Of Hunter.Io


“Julian went to work immediately and found us QUALITY links from great websites, not links that are for sale.

These links raised our rankings in 2 weeks and has helped us gain market share. This guy is the real deal.”

Alex Membrillo

CEO Of Cardinal Digital Marketing


“Julian is an expert in the skyscraper link building technique!

He made an awesome content and link building plan for us.”

Paul Smith



“Julian’s link building techniques had a big impact on our site’s rankings. Overall we increased our traffic, ranked higher and gained some high quality backlinks.

If you want backlinks that actually work, then you’ll love his agency.”

Will Cannon

Founder & CEO - Signaturely


“Julian is a top-notch SEO pro. He is easy to work with and gets things done in a timely fashion with quality output all-around.

I would recommend him to everyone I know and would not hesitate to use his services again.”

Daniel Gillaspia UponArriving.Com


“Julian is an expert in his field, he provides clear instructions in order to achieve the best results and delivers on expectations in timely and professional manner.

Fantastic service! We will certainly use his services again in future!”

Jackie Jaroslava Director & Customer Service Manager, SumoRubber.Com


“Julian was great pleasure working with. He is the best backlink expert you will come across. He delivered very high quality backlinks that helped my site to rank even higher.

If you need backlinking done by an expert, then Julian is your guy. A++++++++.”

Edith M. Reads



“Julian offers a risk-free backlink service. The links that were built where genuine, high authoritative links that benefit our SEO rankings.

He makes it easy for you to monitor and see the status of your links as well, which we found very helpful.

Julian was also understanding and not pushy in any way for extra work which again, we found was excellent. All in all a perfect service from Julian and we will definitely be using him again.”

George Panayides



“Julian was great to work with. He delivered on-time and on-target. Would highly recommend him to others.

Thank-you Julien for your assistance!”

Owner, Jackpinepaddle.Com


“Julian went beyond what he promised and communicated extremely well during the process.

I highly recommend him.”

Yoav Ezer,

CEO Leads Everlasting

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