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The struggle is real...

You’ve built your website. You’ve spent hours tirelessly writing the content. But you're still not getting any Google love!


Then repeat after me:

“The ‘publish and pray’ method does NOT work.”

If you’re not building backlinks, you’re going to struggle to get search engine traffic.

There are over 200 ranking factors and link building is still the #1 determining factor.

In fact, if you do nothing else and ONLY focus on links, you have a better chance at building a high-traffic blog than if you were to do everything BUT link building.

So how do you build backlinks & Rank #1 on Google? 

Unfortunately, you still have to figure out how to build high quality backlinks (WITHOUT getting a Google Penalty) before you can move forward...

You're also probably really frustrated by the fact that everyone else seems to be able to outrank you on Google.

I know how that feels because I've been there myself... lots of times!

In fact, I struggled for a long time trying to answer this one question:

"How do I build backlinks and rank #1 on Google?".

And the issue is:

  • First, these types of systems are incredibly complex to build. 
  • Second you can't help but wonder how your competitors are doing it...

In fact, when it comes to ranking on Google, you might even have a sneaky suspicion that competitors actually hope you FAIL!

When all is said and done, you just want to get more leads, traffic and sales from Google - WITHOUT any SEO expertise...

...More time to focus on growing your business and spend more time on the things that you love most...

...And avoid wasting months of frustration trying to figure out to how to rank your website #1 on Google.

Oh, and the icing on the cake would be if you could see results in as little as 30 days!

Just Like Alex, who had his rankings raised in just 2 weeks!

The "Link Building Mastery" Video Course

The Link Building Mastery Video Course makes it easy for you to get more leads, traffic and sales from Google - WITHOUT any SEO expertise without wasting months of frustration trying to figure out to how to rank your website #1...

You’re gonna LOVE this! Here’s just a taste of what you get inside Link Building Mastery Video Course Video Course…

  • Grow & scale your revenue faster with thousands more customers from Google with high quality backlinks...
  • Surprisingly, most businesses don't know how to build backlinks. This is your chance to get the drop on your competitors.
  • Solve your lead generation problems and get customers on autopilot with SEO (WITHOUT spending money on ads)
  • Your shortcut to ranking number 1 on Google (Fast!)
  • STOP wasting months of frustration trying to figure it out yourself
  • ​Rank your website #1 on Google and get more leads, traffic and sales from Google - WITHOUT any SEO expertise.
  • Generate $000s In Sales on Autopilot (Without Facebook Or Google Ads) with SEO... even if you think you can't.
  • Safely build authoritative links to your website (WITHOUT getting a Google penalty)
  • Quickly outrank your competitors on Google AND ethically steal their customers.
  • Eliminate worrying about link building - Once And Forever!
  • Perfect if you want to outsource link building to your VAs and save time training your team.
  • ​Discover the real secrets every website owner NEEDS to get more leads, traffic and sales from Google - WITHOUT any SEO expertise.

Now, that's a tall promise, and at this point you might be asking...

Who Is Julian Goldie And Why Should I Listen To Him?

My name is Julian Goldie:

And I LOVE helping websites increase their sales, grow their revenues & accomplish their goals by maximizing their results with SEO link building. 

Without boring you with all the marketing hype:

  • I'm the founder of Goldie Agency (an SEO link building agency helping hundreds of websites to get more leads, customers & sales)
  • Published author of SEO Link Building Mastery + the "Link Building with Julian Goldie" podcast and Facebook group
  • Owner of YouTube channel that's helped thousands of websites like yours increase their revenue and rankings with SEO
  • Featured on NBC, Cloudways, CBS, Lemlist &

Over the years, I’ve helped hundreds of websites across the world and have helped many of them go from ZERO traffic to the point where they now dominate search engines ahead of their competitors. 

...Many of them driving thousands of website visitors per month directly via SEO and several seeing an increase of hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual sales.

It’s an honor to share my findings and experience with you! But don't just take my word for it...

Take A Look At This...

SaaS Website Jumps From 0 To 145,000 Visitors P/Month With Backlinks!


  • From ZERO to 145,000+ SEO traffic visitors in less than 6 months!
  • Estimated traffic value of $493,000
  • ​Huge ROI from link building
  • ​Their website now ranks for over 12,000 keywords
  • ​DR 80 and DR90 backlinks built (including one link from Forbes!)

Here's Exactly What You're Going To Get With The "Link Building Mastery" Video Course ($6,000) Value

  • Step by step link building videos teaching you how to easily build backlinks to your website.
  • ​Tutorials on exactly how to get more traffic, leads & sales from SEO with link building.
  • ​A powerful but simple link building system you can easily implement in your business.
  • Automating Your Link Building Outreach - Exactly how to automate the process so you can spend more time growing your business and less time "Chasing Backlinks".
  • How To Protect Your Website From Google Penalties - How To AVOID Google Penalties AND Build A Website That Ranks And Generates Sales For Years To Come.
  • ​PLUS – when you order today you’ll get a limited-time ONLY discount of 50%!
  • ‘DONE FOR YOU’ outreach templates to get more backlinks (worth $499)
  • Link building automation system (worth $1,000)
  • Step by step link building videos teaching you how to easily build backlinks to your website (worth $999)
  • The POWERFUL but simple link building system you can easily implement in your business to grow your revenue (worth $1,500)
  • The DR90 link building blueprint that can land you hundreds of backlinks (worth $2,000)

Total Worth: $6,000

But today, you're getting all of this...


Get More Time To Focus On Growing Your Business And Spend More Time On The Things That You Love Most...

(So You Can Avoid Wasting Months Of Frustration Trying To Figure Out To How To Rank Your Website #1 On Google)

Let me take you by the hand and make it easy for you to…

  • Get More Customers, Leads And Sales
  • Grow Your Business And Make More Money
  • ​To Rank Number 1 On Google
  • ​Reap The Rewards Of A Free Marketing Channel That Generates Thousands Of Customers On Autopilot
  • ​Stop Spending Thousands of Dollars On Ads
  • Generate $000s In Sales On Autopilot (Without Facebook Or Google Ads)
  • Enjoy ​More Time To Focus On Growing Your Business And Spend More Time On The Things That You Love Most...
  • ​Do It All Without Wasting Months Of Frustration Trying To Figure Out To How To Rank Your Website #1 On Google
  • ​... and Much, MUCH More!

Get More Leads, Traffic And Sales From Google - WITHOUT Any SEO Expertise In 30 Days

ACT NOW And You'll Also Get:

BONUS #1: 

Facebook group coaching with me – where I’ll personally teach you how to land more backlinks and rank #1 on Google ($2,999 Value)

This is group coaching where I personally work with all of you to get you backlinks and rank your website higher – with FREE traffic!


BONUS #2: 

The 1 STUPID Email Template Built 86,000 FREE Backlinks!

...PLUS a bunch Copy & Paste Link Building SOPs & Outsourcing Templates ($199 Value)

Save time and avoid the hassle of hiring by STEALING my copy & paste outsourcing job templates.

BONUS #3: 

Discover 3 Unique, Link Building Techniques NO ONE Else Is Using!  ($399 Value)

Tap into 3 powerful, proven & unique link building tutorials exclusively REVEALED in this course...

What Our Clients Say

“Julian is a very skilled and knowledgeable operator and it was a pleasure to work with him over the last few months.

Highly recommended.”

François Grante

Co-Founder Of Hunter.Io

“We have been working with Julian for more than a year and he’s consistently built quality links to our content, helping us to double our organic traffic.

Plus, when we publish new content and need links built to it, we simply let Julian know and he gets on with it, quickly and efficiently!”

Ben Smye

Head Of Growth,

“Julian went to work immediately and found us QUALITY links from great websites, not links that are for sale.

These links raised our rankings in 2 weeks and has helped us gain market share. This guy is the real deal.”

Alex Membrillo

CEO Of Cardinal Digital Marketing

"Julian is a top-notch SEO pro. He is easy to work with and gets things done in a timely fashion with quality output all-around.

I would recommend him to everyone I know and would not hesitate to use his services again."

Daniel Gillaspia

Owner Of

“Julian is an expert in his field, he provides clear instructions in order to achieve the best results and delivers on expectations in timely and professional manner.

Fantastic service! We will certainly use his services again in future!”

Jackie Jaroslava

Director & Customer Service Manager,

"Julian was great pleasure working with. He is the best backlink expert you will come across. He delivered very high quality backlinks that helped my site to rank even higher.

If you need backlinking done by an expert, then Julian is your guy. A++++++++."

Edith M. Reads

Content Strategist at AZIntelligence

"Julian offers a risk-free backlink service. The links that were built where genuine, high authoritative links that benefit our SEO rankings.

He makes it easy for you to monitor and see the status of your links as well, which we found very helpful.

Julian was also understanding and not pushy in any way for extra work which again, we found was excellent. All in all a perfect service from Julian and we will definitely be using him again."

George Panayides

"Julien was great to work with. He delivered on-time and on-target. Would highly recommend him to others.

Thank-you Julien for your assistance!"


"Julian went beyond what he promised and communicated extremely well during the process.

I highly recommend him."

Yoav Ezer, CEO Leads Everlasting

This Won't Last Long...

The truth is...

I plan on charging $1,997 for this course when I launch it...

But If you’re watching/reading this, the good news is I’m looking for beta testers, and I’m currently offering this program for an extremely discounted price of only $7. 

This is group coaching where I personally work with all of you to get you backlinks and rank your website higher – with FREE traffic!

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Now You Can STEAL My Tried, Tested & PROVEN Link Building Strategies

First of all, these are tested SEO link building strategies that are (literally) the exact same campaign structures I personally use in my business, and they're the same campaigns I build and deploy for private clients.

And you're not just getting the campaign.

It comes pre-populated with my email warm up blueprint ...with exactly how to get more backlinks, why this will increase your traffic and the secrets of getting more backlinks, based on the specific link building campaigns I've personally created in my own business for maximum power.

This way, all you have to change is run the campaign - so it's relevant to your business and you're done. (No guessing what to do, how to do it or what tools to use!)

Get Backlinks 24/7 with the The Link Building Content Magnet

This is one of my most powerful link building campaign structures of all time.

You can use it to generate new backlinks and dramatically improve your rankings on Google...

plus you can use it as a way to get more customers to your website on autopilot by creating engaging content that converts visitors into sales. (I'll prescribe exactly how to use it when we give you your blueprint.)

I've deployed this system for all kinds of clients across multiple markets with great success.

As a quick example, I helped a client deploy this campaign to grow their SaaS business and within just 3 months, they went from ZERO to 143,000 visitors ...all from creating great content that converts.

I helped another client in Ecommerce use this campaign to generate an extra 150,000 visitors per month to their website AND generate thousands of dollars in extra sales.

All by following the simple content strategy I’m about to give you.

And of course this campaign works like gangbusters to grow affiliate websites, ecommerce stores and ALMOST any other website.

But what's different about what you're getting is this is no ordinary content system.

It’s comes complete with Indoctrination sequences, Objection Handling sequences, Liquidator Offer, and a Countdown Sequence …all of which I personally invented …all of which increase conversion dramatically …and all of which you won’t find anywhere else!

But that’s not all I’m setting up for you.

You’re also getting …

Get Backlinks with NO expertise using "The Outreach Link Building Machine"...

This campaign is legendary and is used exclusively for generating high quality backlinks in a short period by contacting relevant, high quality websites in your industry and contacting them for backlinks...

I've seen it used all kinds of markets from pet products to software to (seriously) ice machine parts.

Often, when I'm working with a new client who has an existing list, one of the first things I do for him is to create and deploy an outreach campaign because it can produce the best backlinks I’ve ever seen.

Links normally worth $2000 - from the world’s best most well known websites like Yahoo Finance and Forbes.

Next, you’re getting …

Automate Your Link Building In 10 Minutes or Less with The Link Building Automation Pack...

This is an immensely powerful campaign that can be used to generate a new list of link building prospects and turn them into backlinks quickly, using cold email outreach.

What makes this so effective is that there are tools that can scale up and land you thousands of backlinks. Once the tools are live and setup, it’s easy.

If you get this process setup (which we're happy to do for you), you can land hundreds of high quality backlinks to your website...for free.

It's truly revolutionary and unlike anything you've ever seen before!

Not only does it create bring in more backlinks that help you get more leads, traffic and sales, it also builds powerful relationships with some of the world’s most authoritative websites in the world!

…All on autopilot.

But we won’t stop there. You’re also getting …

The PROVEN Method for Getting Backlinks That’s Landed Our Clients 000s of Links

I've spent years tweaking, testing and optimising out outreach campaigns...

And now with our ‘DONE FOR YOU’ outreach templates, you will generate high quality, powerful backlinks for free.

And more high quality backlinks = more traffic, leads and sales from Google. They’re the same outreach templates that have generated thousands of backlinks for me and my clients...

Plus we’ll include a follow up campaign at the end of an existing outreach sequence to boost conversion rates and get more backlinks.

It's built to not only get you higher rankings (quickly), but it's also designed to do so in a way that constantly provides value to prospects and builds goodwill ...regardless of whether or not they link to you.

I’ve spent hundreds of hours - plus years testing and tweaking this system...and now you can steal my templates instantly to build backlinks to your own site!

The CASH GENERATING 9 Minute Keyword Blueprint

This campaign truly is my secret weapon.

It’s probably the most powerful and easiest way to rank higher on Google and get more traffic to your website...FAST.

The first thing that sets this apart is the way it's deployed.

See, it takes less than 10 minutes to follow. And afterwards, you’ll have a powerful strategy to find out exactly what your customers are searching for AND what keywords to write about…

So you can get more leads, traffic and sales to your website.

Then it gets almost psychic.

See, the system can then place exactly how many searches this gets per month, how hard it is to rank and whether it’s a realistic content opportunity for you to write about...saving you months, if not years, of frustration.

And it does all of this automatically …based on their search behavior!

In my initial test, I generated just under 1 million visitors to my website ...with no Facebook Ads, no videos, no human interaction ...just blog articles focused on low competition, high volume keywords.

Then I decided to perfect it and make it more powerful, make it dynamic and based on the searches, and make it automated.

To make a long story short, it worked.

Right now, this method is my "go to" system for ranking a website and for increasing the SEO performance of every website.

And when you buy this course, our tutorials explain exactly when you should deploy it based on what you're selling and how your business is currently set up.


We Combine These Campaigns To Create A Unique "Master" Campaign!

And it's designed specifically for you, and we’ll explain exactly how it can work for your business.

You'll have PROVEN link building strategies for every situation.

If you create content but build backlinks, you won’t rank on Google. You'll have wasted hours of frustration, mental energy and valuable resources creating a website that no one will ever see.

Instead, our link building strategies blueprint will get you more backlinks - quickly getting you ahead of your competitors.

If you want more backlinks but just don’t have the time to setup your campaign, you'll have the Link Building Automation pack.

If you need content that actually ranks, you’re got the 9 minute Keyword Blueprint.

And if you need a step by step strategy with proven ways to get more SEO to your website and the step to emulate it, you’ve got the Link Building Mastery Video and Book!

Literally can deploy an SEO link building campaign for every imaginable scenario ...automatically ...using what we give you.

When we talk, we’ll give you a breakdown of what this Master Campaign will look like for free.

That way you can actually see for yourself what it can do for your business.

Pretty cool, huh?

I could easily fill this entire page with hundreds of success stories because I've used our model in hundreds of industries all over the world.

The TL;DR is... It Works.

It Keeps Getting Better 

Just because we give you all the outreach tutorials and help you get more backlinks doesn't mean we're finished.

Far from it!

After you've bought the course, you'll still get group coaching from our Facebook Group mastermind, where we go over exactly how to use everything and answer any questions you have.

This way, you can rest easy knowing we've got your back every step of the way.

Now if you’re a Business Owner AND want to grow your website then understand this…

If you’re ready to rank higher on Google & drive more organic traffic, then get instant access below:

Join the hundreds of people and businesses who have already trusted Goldie Agency for improving their digital presence. 

This unique SEO course will introduce you to the universe of backlink building, giving you the chance to raise your search engine rankings and thrive in your industry.

Are You Ready To Rank #1 With Link Building?


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